Young jobseekers must have a thick skin

Employers throughout the nation have reportedly told young jobseekers to “toughen up”, confirmed

Candidates must develop a thick skin if they are to succeed in the recruitment process. This is because competition for jobs is so rife, that candidates must understand they may not always get the role they want first time.

Their comments come after reports revealed one in four young adults feel “depressed” as they cannot find employment and feel they have no hope of doing so even in the next five years.

The findings were confirmed by a survey undertaken by O2, entitled the ‘Youth Matters’ poll. It surveyed some 1,500 young people about their job prospects and found that many feel blue over the rejection they are facing. However for many, this is seen as simply a typical part of the job-finding process.

Furthermore, it indicates that youngsters are not as tough as they used to be, according to Tony Chapman, a sociologist. He told “It is a warning shot to society, showing that steps must be taken to build the resilience of our young people.”

Young candidates must also learn the traits and skills employers are looking for to build their chances of getting London jobs or those in any area. Personnel specialist, Judith Nelson, said all employers are looking for is a “can-do attitude”, “inter-personal skills” and a commitment to teamwork.

Nelson, who works for Tesco, said she receives around 20 applicants per job she advertises and so in order to stand out, jobseekers could do worse than to work on the skills she praised.

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by Deborah Bates on August 5, 2011

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