Working in Recruitment is a great career option.

Talent attraction comes in many forms: recruitment agencies, employment businesses, search consultancies, in-house recruitment teams, career offices, job fairs, job boards, social media and word of mouth.

As such our role of Consultant is constantly evolving and can be one of the most diverse and rewarding jobs around. Recruitment Consultants manage a variety of projects from start to finish, they are client facing, constantly managing relationships and expectations and are a hub of market information. Rewards are generous, if you’re good at it, both financially and emotionally.

We help clients solve problems of today and tomorrow by finding the right talent and skills that they need to be successful. Effective recruitment isn’t just transactional.  It’s about adding value. The best recruiters are multifaceted; from talent sourcing, talent planning, generating revenue, assessing the viability of assignments, market mapping, analysing competitors, trend spotting, networking, career advising, evaluating, reviewing and managing processes and expectations, educating, to enabling change. We also provide emotional support to our candidates, our clients and our colleagues.

Recruitment as a career isn’t for everyone and the majority of recruiters will tell you that they fell into it by chance. Times are changing however, the industry has been doing a lot more to promote recruitment consultancy as a long-term career option.

Here are the top reasons why our consultants think recruitment is a great career choice;


  1. You get the chance to really be consultative.

As a consultant you have the chance to build expertise in the market in which you recruit.  You get to help companies and candidates with their understanding of the market, offering advice and expertise based on your own knowledge and unique insight.

  1. Every day is different and working with a diverse range of people is very special.

You get to work with many different people both in the business and externally. You learn about individuals and their attributes, industries and companies, what makes them tick and help them to differentiate themselves in the market. Working in recruitment broadens your outlook and is appealing to the most open minded individuals.

  1. We change people’s lives and help companies succeed.

Recruitment companies create opportunities for job seekers. Finding the right opportunity can be a life changing experience. And for employers, finding and hiring the right people is key to a business’ success. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing how well someone you have placed is progressing within a company. You are entrusted with managing your client’s brand and are often asked to aid in sourcing the talent they otherwise would be unable to locate themselves.

  1. Our job is challenging and constantly evolving.

Recruitment isn’t an easy job. We face challenges in our role on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Such challenges aren’t just based on the highs and lows of the recruitment cycle, handling candidate rejection for example, or delivering the fantastic news of a job offer. We are always working to deadlines. Learning is constant and training ongoing. As a team, we have to keep on top of recruitment processes, legislation, different hiring methods and tools and technologies and new ways of thinking. We have to understand what candidates really want, what companies are doing to engage their best people and only then can we share this knowledge with our colleagues as well as our candidates and client companies.

We also face and embrace new technologies. Which is exciting and disruptive as it increases pressure to deliver bigger and better services faster.  Everyday recruiters use technology as part of their offering, whether it be through a clients’ intranet, portal or candidate management tool, working with sophisticated CRM systems, management reporting tools, navigating web technology and social media channels, or hosting webinars and networking events.

Recruitment is not just about technology, however, it’s about consulting and adding value. We love what we do and we invite you to consider recruitment as a serious career option.

If you are seriously interested in finding out more about joining us then contact me for details or call 0207 492 1751.

Manuela Boyce

by Manuela Boyce on March 26, 2017

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