Working in the Digital arena

Over the past few years we have witnessed steady growth in digital job roles, however this has resulted in a surge in demand for a range of limited candidates.
Whilst it is common to learn digital skills in schools, colleges and universities, many employers are asking for specific skills for their businesses which do not fall into the general skills category. Job roles in demand include content producers, web editors, web developers, technical projects managers and online marketing staff.

Competition for these skills is fierce and employers have found it has become increasingly difficult to recruit – and then retain – people with the right skills.
85% of companies express concern that the skills shortage will continue to have a negative impact on their online business’ growth in coming years.

It is vital as a work seeker for this industry, to keep up to date with changing technologies. Learning skills like HTML, Photoshop, dreamweaver, CMS, XML, as well as SEO techniques and online mechanics is vital when considering a career in the online industry.

There will probably come a time when these skills are taught alongside other skills in our schools and universities however this isnt happening yet and in order increase your employment opportunities, increasing your digital knowledge will be critical. The digital sector may end up being one of the few employment sectors that experiences steady salary increases over the next few years.

Companies are offering all kinds of interactive tools to their clients for presentations, marketing and also online procurement. And, in recruitment, it isn’t rare to hear of interviews being recorded for video presentation to clients.


by manuela on February 26, 2009

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