Workers urged to adopt freelance attitude

A freelance attitude could help people be more effective permanent employees, it has been claimed.

Freelance creative Tom Christmann explained in a column for that there are several lessons to learn from such staff, including the importance of blocking out distractions while they are working and always having a list of goals for the future.

One point that people looking for jobs in London could learn from is the way freelancers have to become their own “PR machine”, since a lot of workers would benefit from being capable of singing their own praises more effectively.

Mr Christmann added: “Freelancers are always clear on what problem they are being paid to solve. If they’re not clear on that, they can’t get the work done. And then they won’t get paid, or at least won’t get called back. Understanding the problem is crucial.”

Part of the challenge of being a freelancer is the need to impress a client over a short-term contract, which is a concept that all job-seekers can relate to. Writing for, director of product development at Econsultancy Chris Lake suggested punctuality is a crucial part of this.

He made this point in reference to both meetings and communications such as emails, saying that no one likes to be kept waiting.

by Paul Smithson on May 1, 2012

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