Work potential boosted by gap year experience

The potential of a job-seeker looking for media or market research jobs, or indeed any type of role, can be greatly boosted by having voluntary work experience on their CV.

That’s according to Matthew Parker, a recruitment expert from KPMG, who claimed that doing voluntary work during a gap year can really bolster a job-seeker’s chances.

Parker told the Aberdeen Press and Journal: “Applicants who have done volunteer work in their year off have far more experience to talk about and can draw on real-life examples of how they have developed the skills we are looking for.

“A gap year is a win both for [the employer] and the individual who does it,” he added.

According to, Parker went on to say that people who have gained voluntary work experience can typically cope better with the traditional recruitment process, too.

This is because generally, large-scale recruitment processes test candidates on the competencies they have developed whilst volunteering in “unfamiliar surroundings” – such as abroad or in a challenging environment.

His thoughts were echoed by Is Szoneberg, a volunteering expert. He revealed that “vital experience” is gained by those who do something worthwhile with their gap year.

People can “gain personal development, learn to overcome challenges” and become more independent by volunteering, Szoneberg concluded.

by Deborah Bates on August 1, 2011

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