Work ethic preferrable over experience for recruiters

Employers will increasingly be seeking people with a good work ethic and a strong set of basic skills, reports.

The latest member survey on employment and skills by the Forum of Private Business found that a positive attitude to work was by far the most popular commodity among prospective employees. Whilst around half noted that basic skills were needed, some 63 per cent said a good attitude and commitment to the job in hand were key.

Elsewhere, the report found that where recruitment was concerned, only 29 per cent said they would be waiting for costs to come down before taking on new members of staff. Meanwhile, just 25 per cent said profit margins would need to increase before any new roles are created.

Even for those holding back, however, the change they are seeking may come sooner than expected, with measures being brought in during April 2014 that will see National Insurance costs drop.

Despite this, analysts have suggested that job hunters may not need to wait until April next year for a boon in jobs in London or around the UK, as some may be created later this year in anticipation of the changes.

“Most forecasts are not pointing to that type of growth in the UK until much later in the year,” Forum chief executive Phil Orford told

Where graduates were concerned, Orford added that the ability to display a strong work ethic, even without relevant experience, could prove fruitful.

“Time after time, this type of study identifies a lack of employment-ready youngsters. Above all else, employers need, but often can’t find, youngsters ready to hit the ground running – starring with a positive work ethic.”

by David Howells on May 10, 2013

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