Why temping in a support role can be fun

The broad selection of jobs in London on the support, admin and secretarial side means that as a skilled temp you could gain exposure to a broad array of industries and companies.

Temporary assignments in London can cover working remotely, helping out in a small start up business to landing a high profile role within a Blue chip  company and supporting Executives who make key business decisions.

Very experienced Temporary Executive Assistants, for example,  are often privy to confidential high profile situations which even many of the internal employees are not aware of. Being a temp can mean immunity from any harsh streamlining or cuts that will take place across the business. It can also mean less stress than a permanent employee would have, with the knowledge that you can hang your hat up with short notice if you feel you have had enough .

On the plus side, you get the chance to mix with different people, learn about how businesses work, and also trial different careers before deciding whether you want to settle into something similar on a permanent basis. 

You can also have the chance to try out diofferent characters,  and act as the person you want to be rather than just be yourself.  This is probably why some of the ebst temps we have ahd have been trained actors looking to supplement their salaries in between performances.

Temping can also be demanding, as sometimes the expectations are such that, without the induction and training that you would receive if you were a permanent member of staff, you are expected to perform to the same level or even better than  a permanent employee. You may have no time to receive a proper handover if you are covering illness or sudden leave of absence and so feel thrown in the deep end. It can still be fun though, as many people love the thrill of this kind of challenge and enjoy showing off their ability to do a tremendous job and at the end of the day you don’t have to take your work home with you.

by Boyce Recruitment on August 21, 2012

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