I am fascinated by the way that the London network  market has been revolutionised by LinkedIn and how it has also had a huge impact on recruitment for jobs, not only at senior level. It is a really good way to authenticate what people do and, how you do it. Perfect for self promotion,it has also caused concern to many firms who can see it as a way for recruiters to approach key staff and also competitors to find out about who their clients are and get information on who makes the decisions.

Having said that, the job market is always evolving and on the plus side LinkedIn also helps businesses find new projects to work on and also raise their brand identity.  It also helps people research their suppliers and look at what they are doing as part of their process.

Nevertheless we still think it isn’t the only way to do business and certainly from a recruitment perspective we still think that recommendations are key to attracting senior candidates offering a good service and believe that the majority of roles are filled via recommendations and referrals.

Many companies have to still use the recruitment skills of a consultant because they need to tap into a much broader network and attract those people who they can’t find on LinkedIn. For example if a company has had a tough year it is often difficult to break the mould and highlight the really exciting things that are happening in their business, without breaching client confidentiality or risking the possibility of giving important information to their competitors.

Many new start ups have to be sure that they are getting their USP across to the right people if they are looking to attract people to their new business without alerting their competitors to what they are doing that is unique. Recruiters are useful in these instances as they would and should be able to talk about the exciting and relevant elements of a role, company and division to candidates with people who are serious about looking for work and without jeopardizing the company’s strategy.

by on January 21st, 2012
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