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This week we ask Manuela Boyce to answer questions on what has been happening in recruitment.

What did the impact of the Olympics and Paralympics have on your business?

Interestingly, although things quietened considerably after May bank holidays (and Jubilee) the run up to the Olympics seemed to impact far more greatly than the actual event itself.

There were lots of expectations for London to be chaotic but transport and travel were pretty great. Some of our staff and clients chose this time to leave London as they wanted to avoid the rush. More fool them, I say, as it was such a fantastic time and amazing to be a part of the whole London experience. Sometimes it was hard to get hold of clients and candidates to arrange interviews or talk about jobs, but we had a really strong August in the end and a very good September.

Of course, everyone who decided to stay in London had been touched by the overall feel good factor and I think some were surprised at how taken in they were by both Olympic and Paralympic events.

What will happen next and what do you think are the key influences in recruitment over the next 12 months?

It seems to be business as usual for many, however some firms have decided to continue to cut overheads in markets which are no longer lucrative.  Being a specialist is key and attracting the best talent continues to be priority.

The next 12 months will be challenging for recruiters, as clients will look for value added and want consultancies to continue to provide expert advice and a service which goes well beyond the cv job board service. We’ve noticed that companies used to be the main ones to complain about poor recruiters, however the expectation of service levels have increased dramatically on the side of the job seekers. They want to be selective with who they work with and work with people who represent them properly and who know the market.

Unfortunately for our industry we have noticed more and more candidates report bad experiences at the hands of consultants who quite frankly, should know better. They are fed up with being given poor advice (and in some cases none at all) as well as being misrepresented by agents who haven’t even bothered to meet them, or spend the time to interview them. …  We hope that clients get a  tighter grip on who they deal with and who they chose to represent them and this will change.

Flexible working will also become a major topic in recruitment. It has already become a real benefit to some employers and we will see many more companies and industries  choose to offer this in order to attract the best talent.

Do you think recruitment consultancies will become extinct now that companies chose to hire their own on-site specialists?

I think there will always be a need for external recruitment consultants. A good recruiter will be able to provide an excellent overview of the market and how a company and role will fit into this.

They will also be able to attract candidates who may not normally apply to a company, manage any confidential information properly, and are experts in being able to quash any inaccurate rumours or gossip which could prevent the company from being able to hire good people.  A good recruiter will also always have access to a pool of candidates and be able to save a lot of time by providing a shortlist of cvs quickly with proper interview feedback. So the long and short of it is no, there will always be room for recruitment consultancies.

 Why do you enjoy working in recruitment ?

As my linkedin profile states, I am fascinated with how businesses work and really enjoy getting to grips with what makes people tick and businesses successful. I love learning about new strategies, ideas and enjoy working with the team at Boyce. They are likeminded people,  so dedicated to going well beyond expectation in delivering the best service. It’s a job you can be extremely proud of when successful and the rewards are not just financial. You just have to look at the cakes, flowers, chocolates and other presents the team receive  from candidates or clients who thank them for a job well done …( not that I am hinting …….)

by Boyce Recruitment on September 17, 2012

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