What’s going on in market research?



When we speak to candidates everyday we are always interested to hear what their views and experiences are of the sector they are working in.

Market research is one of the divisions where we have noticed a great deal of development, innovation and change over the past year and we have had the pleasure to work with some extremely talented thinkers .

Key trends in the recruitment space for this area are

–          an increase in digital market research related roles as well as roles which use social media tools to reach the voice of the consumer

–          a commitment to creativity, being able to really think out of the box and challenge and innovate . The internet has provided access to competitors at the touch of a button and our clients want to be able to help their clients innovate to make their offering most attractive to their customers

–          many of the roles seek candidates with an integrated approach to insights and analysis, combining a range of skills and methodologies,

–          The appeal of smaller consultancies to offer researchers the chance to work on interesting problems and offer integrated solutions without being categorized as a “quant” or “qual” specialist has been noted by bigger firms with some new    senior roles within the top global agencies offering a much more holistic responsibility to senior managers and Directors.


The talk of last month was branding, innovation and communication being central to a large number of our roles within the Market Research division.

by Boyce Recruitment on March 12, 2012

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