What’s the best way to get hold of people these days?

What’s the best way to get hold of people at work these days? Is it by phone and if so, do you call them and if you call them which number do you call? Landline or mobile ?

Maybe you should be texting or emailing? Email isn’t always effective as you wouldn’t email their work address and we have loads of candidates who say that they rarely check their personal emails when at work, which can make it very difficult for recruiters who might urgently need to inform them of a last minute change in their interview.

It might be best using Whatsapp. In fact quite a few of our candidates, of late, use Whatsapp to communicate. My (not so young) kids use it all the time to speak to me and their dad, as its free and they don’t lose valuable data from their phone allowance.  We’ve even got a Boyce Recruitment company “Whatsapp group” which makes chatting or sharing urgent messages much easier. But not everyone uses Whatsapp, so you can’t always be sure who does or doesn’t prefer it. As for Facebook, we are constantly encouraged to advertise jobs on FB and get in touch with candidates via messenger. Another “old fashion tool” according to my 18 year old.  I still am not sure it’s the right thing for work, as most people I know say they would only use it just for social reasons.

Well what about Linkedin messaging?  We’re definitely seeing more people get in touch via Linkedin these days and advertising on Linkedin has increased dramatically.

I have a love hate relationship with Linkedin though. On the one hand it’s a great resource to learn about companies and people, and projects our clients work on. I do worry about how people use it, more often than not to have a rant about a bad experience. Almost  every week I read about someone’s bad recruitment experience for example (not just with agents).  I do feel particularly disappointed with the number of times it is used to attack professional recruiters, but then I work in recruitment and believe as an industry we offer added value. There’s another topic for debate.

I also worry about data protection. If I am honest I don’t feel entirely in control of my personal privacy on Linkedin. I get quite annoyed with the number of times Linkedin is asking me to invite friends  to connect who are personal friends and are not actually on Linkedin,but somehow they have managed to read my emails and get their email addresses. This is obviously being generated from some behind the scenes programme. My private contacts not on Linkedin, should be just that.

On the subject of Linkedin though, I did read an article on there, a few weeks ago, where recruiters (again) were being slated for contacting potential candidates using multiple methods (email, social and telephone) and at varying times, including late in the evening, early morning or whilst they were at work. I vaguely remember the words “disrespectful”, “cowboy” and “desperate” as words that were used to describe the recruiter in question. But it did make me question when and how should be communicate with job seekers.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we all agreed to communicate using one tool and we also were clear about when we could or shouldn’t get in touch. But this doesn’t always happen and it won’t work if we are asked by our clients to go out and proactively approach someone we don’t know that they want to hire.

If timing is an issue should we be just sticking to email?  My kids tell me no one looks at email anymore so we should be on Whatsapp or Texting. Some of my candidates think it’s weird to receive a text message, and would always prefer email, others prefer  a call (which is a much better way of communicating I think,) or Linkedin messaging .

Communication using social media is evolving so fast that it has become quite a confusing state of affairs. I would be interested to see how we will be communicating in 3 years’ time. But in the meantime, I guess we’ll have to stick to doing more of the same until we have established a more effective and streamlined way  of working.

by Boyce Recruitment on September 25, 2017

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