Top tips for finding a job in London

Jamie’s Top Tips for finding a job in London

It is no secret finding a job in London is challenging to say the least. Alongside the stress of figuring out the ridiculously complicated tube map, sourcing a reliable friend to stay with or the dreaded flat hunt- finding a job is unfortunately an important inconvenience for London survival! To help you along the wonderful path of interviews, CVs and applying, here are my Top Tips…

1)      Be open minded

It is important to remain open minded at all times when it comes to looking for your new London role. Sometimes, it might not be about what you are actually doing BUT where and who you are doing it for. Take into account the company who you will be working for and where you are going to be located. Stared off in a slightly more junior role in a fab central London location for a wicked company might be just what you need!


2)      However, don’t give up on your dreams!

It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of London life, especially when you are desperate to live the working London life. All your friends might already be in a job, leaving you feeling like the poor little tag along who can’t afford to go out for a drink. Although you should be open minded when it comes to job searching, try not to go too off piste! You have earned the right whether it’s through education or work experience to be little bit selective.


3)      Easy Breezy CV

Make sure your CV is clear, concise and easy to understand. There is nothing more annoying than an over exaggerated CV that has no structure or meaning. Make sure you have a clear objective for the kind of roles you are applying for and you have included dates, grades and the basic information on what you have done in your previous work experience. Keep it simple people!


4)      Find a nice Recruiter

Once you start applying to those online job boards there is no doubt you will start to get bombarded with phonecalls from various recruiters with that ‘right role for you’. This is often the case, but make sure you meet with them before you start letting them send your CV out. It is important you make sure your recruiter understands exactly what you are looking for, or what opportunities you could be open to. If you find the right recruiter, they can be your most secret little weapon!


5)      Dress the part

This is the time to take a well-earned shopping trip and buy yourself a fab new outfit! If you are feeling nervous about an up and coming interview make sure you are going in there looking and feeling the part. The first impression is very important.


6)      Give yourself plenty of time

London can actually, no, IS a very confusing place, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time before an interview to find the location. There is nothing worse than frantically running around London, adding stress to your already slightly stressful situation. Plan your route and grab a coffee before.


7)      Polish your online profile

We live in a world where technology rules, be mindful of this. Make sure you have checked your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for any embarrassing drunken or misleading photos that could make you look like a bit of a fool. Obviously, you want to show your fun and energetic side- just maybe not your big birthday blow out with THAT tequila shot! Oh and if you’re not on already, get on Linked in and start connecting, it’s a great way to start your online professional brand and to network.




by Boyce Recruitment on January 21, 2015

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