This morning one of our national TV stations posted a brief  discussion re the trends of part time workers and asked what people thought about the government’s proposal on enforcement of 20 hour week employment.

One of the commentators was a recruitment company specialising in part time employment. The other an “entrepreneur” and they were both at opposite ends of the spectrum when pointing out their views on whether they felt part-time working was viable for business.  Both were female, by the way so the bias was definitely not a feminist one.

London jobs on offer in our office are predominantly  full time. We do get asked to fill part-time roles for  job share roles (in this instance hours are  not flexible) or where a professional service is offered and does not need the  employee to be sitting at the desk 5 days per week. For example an accountant.

I think most employers are still scared of offering part time jobs as their feeling is that the client/ customer will suffer  as we are living in a deadline driven work culture whereby if a last minute request is made , it needs to be  completed  in order to offer excellent customer service and also be competitive in a tight economy. It’s a shame really but I think we have a long way to go before London jobs embraces the part-time culture fully.

by on January 11th, 2012
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