This week Samantha Judd talks about the merits of working as a Recruitment Consultant.


Telling someone about an offer of a job role is an amazing thing and I feel very privileged each time I am able to do this. From whoops of delight, screams of joy, a few tears or stunned silence all of these reactions are amazing to experience. Some of the biggest rewards are from placing a candidate against the odds, or for whom you know it will mean not only a career change, but will have a life changing effect too.

Team Work
Working as part of a motivated, ambitious and close knit team is one of the best feelings in the world. Good recruiters know sharing is caring and are open to gaining additional information, knowledge, advice & ideas. We are also there to share those inevitable highs and lows too for each other. We are a fiercely competitive bunch and as tough on ourselves as we are with others, however, like the best teams, we know that we are stronger when we are working together rather than trying to “out do” a colleague. Recruiters thrive off a team buzz, good vibes & energy and in this sweet spot, anything seems possible.

Being part of someone’s search for work is a very sensitive matter and the best recruiters treat this relationship with the integrity and discretion it deserves. We are consummate relationship builders as we are the critical link in being able to match people to jobs and spot the talent that our clients are constantly looking for. Many of our relationships have spanned decades and we have been part of our candidates and clients lives too, being part of their enjoyment of jobs and sharing their successes too.

Detail & complexity
Recruiters will ask questions that others won’t. It infuriates some but we never presume. In order to fully understand a job brief, culture or job search we want and need, detail. Why does this matter to us? Well, quite simply, people are complex and nothing in life is straightforward. We want to know when, where, how and why and we want people to have the trust in us to share this information. We try to mitigate risk factors in the matching process by asking the right questions early on so that we can shortlist effectively and not waste anyone’s time or disappoint. That is what our clients engage us to do and why our candidates trust us to put them up for the right roles all the way through their career.

Despite our best efforts, our fantastic relationships and all of the detail and knowledge we have gathered, a Recruiter’s day always starts at zero. To us this is a good thing as it excites us and brings out our best performance. We are born competitors and like to achieve. People, like the UK weather are variable; good and bad stuff happens to us all, every day. These changes can affect any job search or interview process and this is why each day, nothing is certain for us.
Like all true competitors we prepare ourselves and wherever possible our clients to cope with any changes or obstacles but there is always only one person who gets the job and coming 2nd in any race is not enough.

Knowledge and learning
Curiosity and an interest in learning will keep recruiters engaged as well as up to date with the rapidly evolving world of work. In an age where so much information is available at a click & technology is no longer science fiction, but science fact, it is essential that recruiters are continuing to learn. If you are a recruiter who is not open to learning and adapting, then others will. And they will have the advantage. Besides that, it is fun and who doesn’t want to know new stuff ?

Career Opportunity
Recruitment offers excellent opportunities for advancement. Consistency, commercial resilience and accountability are key attributes for recruiters and they are shared by high achievers, good managers and business leaders. Recruitment gives people the autonomy and opportunity to experience all of these. Fundamentally, as Recruiters we perform a different function than an HR or internal recruitment team, a job board or LinkedIn. We map and understand the market, individuals and job description. We are privy to sensitive, commercial and personal decisions. We are adaptable, flexible and non-judgmental. Our skill is to understand what each client or candidate is looking for and to offer insight or observations where requested. Recruitment is a tough role especially when getting started, but those that are positive, focussed, prepared to work hard and be respectful of others have a fabulous future ahead.

by on February 28th, 2018
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