Volunteering could help job prospects

The essential skills and confidence required when applying for jobs could be gained from volunteering, reports HR Magazine.

Regardless of whether people apply for jobs in London, Birmingham or a local town, volunteering has been found to be “particularly successful” in helping those make the step up to the big world of jobs.

Volunteers, described as the “footsoldiers of the big society” by Guardian.co.uk, are an important aspect of the recruitment markets. Volunteering has been known to help re-engage vulnerable and low-skilled young people with learning, as well as raise personal and career ambitions.

That’s according to ‘Volunteering: Supporting transitions’, a report commissioned by V, The National Young Volunteers Service. It revealed that an increasing amount of young people are viewing volunteering as an effective means of improving their employability.

Young people reported an “improved insight into future careers” through volunteering. Many gained the opportunity to earn certificates, complete qualifications and develop contacts in their valued industry.

Becci Newton, senior research fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies and one of the report’s authors, states volunteering develops valuable skills.

She said: “With the end of the Future Jobs Fund, replaced by relatively short-term work experience programmes, there is a greater need for long term, structured volunteering programmes.

“These are particularly valuable to the most vulnerable young people who need greater support to develop their skills and capabilities in readiness for education or employment,” she added.

by Ashley Curtis on June 22, 2011

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