Updating your search

The internet is a great tool for job hunting in London and is the most effective way to look at jobs and companies  and get an idea of what kinds of roles are on offer and what work environments are like.

We are, however,  still faced with a deluge of cvs that do not match any of the specifics in a job description. This is frequently because the job applicant has applied  for a job that they are not qualified to do. Sometimes, however the applicant does have the required skills, but the cv they are using is not up to date and doesnt highlight the attributes that are needed for the role.  Then there is frustration: why didnt I get shortlisted when I have got the skills and experience this job requires?

We cannot emphasise enough that to work with your recruiters and to be successful you still need to think carefull about every job application you apply to and make sure that you gear your cv to highlight the necessary skills. Just because applying for jobs is easy, it doesnt mean that less thought should go into each application. The cvs and applications that stand out are the ones that have out a lot of care and thought into them and are laid out clearly.

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by Boyce Recruitment on March 9, 2011

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