Understand our service

I am always surprised and disappointed when job seekers expect us to just send their cv over to companies, without meeting them, or verifying any of their details as they don’t want to spend the time meeting with the recruitment consultant.

As the market is tougher, jobs are fewer and competition is fierce, surely it is important to make sure you are represented properly and correctly as any mistakes could blow your chances for a position which could be ideal. Also it is important to udnerstand that omce you are registered you may ahve the chance to apoply for other non- advertised jobs./

We ask that if you are serious about job hunting then please understand that we are paid for a servcie which includes acting as an extension to the HR departments with whom we work and, if we ask to meet you it is because this is an important way for us to make sure that you have the right skills.


by manuela on January 21, 2010

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