UK named in top 10 of global talent table

The UK has come seventh in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), which ranks countries on developing, attracting and retaining talent, reports. 

Switzerland, Singapore and Denmark came out on top in the report, which was put together using research carried out by business school INSEAD and the Human Capital Leadership Institute of Singapore (HCLI).

The Index ranks 100 of the world’s leading economies, looking at each nation’s competitiveness and the quality of talent it produces, attracts and retains. To produce the results, the countries are scored in six categories: attract, retain, growth, vocational skills, global knowledge skills and enablers.

In total, the study looked at 86.3 per cent of the global population, with more than 96 per cent of international GDP analysed. The top end of the table was clearly dominated by countries in Europe, with just two other continents represented in the top 10 – Singapore came in second while the U.S finished ninth.

Speaking about the report on, Insead’s executive director and co-author of the report, Bruno Lanvin, said: “Talent attractiveness is becoming the true currency by which countries, regions and cities compete with each other.

“Youth unemployment has become a core issue in all types of countries, rich or poor, industrialised or emerging: over 50% of people younger than 25 are unemployed in Southern Europe, while more than 50% of the population of many African countries is less than 18 years of age. The mere confrontation of these two figures gives an idea of the tensions, flows, and challenges that lie ahead.”

by Graeme Parton on December 2, 2013

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