TUC’s general secretary welcomes latest ONS figures

Brendan Barber, the general secretary of the TUC, has called the latest ONS statistics relating to workless households “welcome”.

The Office for National Statistics figures showed that there has been a drop in the number of UK households that have no working adults in residence. Whilst small (the decrease was 0.8 per cent), it’s still a positive step in the right direction and suggests that jobs in London or other places are being snapped up.

During April – June 2012, 17.9 per cent of households had at least one adult not working in them, with sickness the most commonly cited reason for adults not being in work. Other reasons given for not being in employment were caring for family, having retired, studying or simply just being unemployed, Hrmagazine.co.uk revealed.

Barber’s comments regarding the figures were cited by Independent.co.uk and seemed to reflect a happy but cautious attitude.

“While any fall in workless households is welcome, there are still far too many neighborhoods in Britain were [sic] decent jobs are in short supply,” he said. “These figures point to a two-speed labour market where recent employment gains are not being spread evenly across the economy or country.”

His comments suggest even more needs to be done to help the workless into employment.


by Deborah Bates on August 30, 2012

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