1. Have a good clear out at work and at home.
    We recommend reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying”,  By Marie Kondo. When you have finished putting your house in order your life will change dramatically. If you do this first then the rest will come more naturally.


life changing


    1. Think Big Picture
      Set yourself some new career objectives. People who regularly review their achievements and plan their career are more likely to feel more secure in their direction and be better prepared for any uncertainties or difficulties that lie ahead.

      Earth from space

      Earth from space

      1. Make one resolution and make it one that you will stick to.
        A good resolution is one that you will continue to work towards even when you have lost the momentum of excitement when you made it.


      new year new you


      1. Help a colleague at work.
        Ever heard anyone say “like attracts like”? If you really want to work with trustworthy talented people then set an example and help your colleagues succeed and don’t be threatened by their successes. You never know when the tables might turn and you will be at the receiving end.




      1. Have a monthly catch up with someone you haven’t seen in 2015.
        It’s so easy to lose touch with people that made an impact in your life. So why not set yourself some dates to catch up with people you haven’t been able to see in 2015? You’d be surprised  at how much fun you might have.


      Friends having afternoon tea in a cafe


      1. Be healthy – get some more fruit and veg into your everyday diet.
        Healthy body healthy mind.


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      1. Do that thing you’ve always been putting off or ditch that thought forever.
        If you’ve been thinking for a long time about something you feel you “should” have done but haven’t, then think again. There’s a reason why you haven’t. If it’s something important, if you want to do it and you are just making excuses then just get on with it and do it. If not, then forget it, wipe it from your mind and move on.




      1. Educate yourself.
        Build your skills, learn a new craft and challenge yourself. There are lots of free online learning tools such as MOOCs, which offer a a huge range of subjects to learn about.









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