Top CV tip for applying for a job in Analytics.

Getting the content of your cv right is so important when applying for jobs in Data Analytics.

The roles we cover in this area include forecasting, statistical analysis, marketing analytics & optimisation, data science, web analytics and data management. We work with a variety of companies (large and small) and they all ask for the same detailed information about candidates when reviewing cvs so its really important you make sure you get it right from the start.
Here is the one thing that you should ALWAYS include in relation to job description.

Explain the nature of your analysis

Having a job title and listing skills isn’t enough to explain what you are capable of.

The role of an analyst can vary and you most likely have a role which heavily influences business strategy. Analysts should therefore always explain what kind of data was analysed; be specific in some circumstances, as to why you were analysing it, how large it was, what software tools did you use (don’t forget it is very important to show you are tech friendly), did you manage your own projects, or did you work as part of a much larger project team, how were the results presented back and to whom, and then finally what impact this had on the business.

This will not only save time for the hiring manager, it will also show your ability to explain and communicate your role (which is always helpful), show you understand the commercial value of what you do and will help you stand out from your competitors.

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by Boyce Recruitment on February 5, 2017

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