It’s very common to think about changing jobs at the beginning of a new year. January is always a busy time of year for recruiters; we generally receive more job applications in January than in most other months of the year and we also receive a higher than average number of new briefs from companies who are keen to set the pace for their New Year recruiting plans.

Sometimes the applicants we work with are very clear and determined about what they want in their next move. Not everyone has that clarity, so we often receive enquiries from potential jobseekers who really aren’t really sure what they want to do next.

To help make some good informed choices we’ve put together a few questions you should ask yourself. We hope that the answers will save you time in the long run, and keep your job hunt a little more focused and successful.

  • Before you even send that application out think about what you have been doing. Which elements of your job do you enjoy and which parts would you like to change about your current role.
  • Can you make changes in your current workplace? If so, have you spoken to your Line Manager about it?
  • Do you actually enjoy your job or is it the job itself that you want to change completely?
  • Are there more fundamental things about the place where you work and the culture that you are not happy with and that you honestly think couldn’t be changed? What kind of culture would suit you now that you are thinking of moving to another company?
  • Are you prepared to invest time in interviews, presentations, or assessments if need be? Will you be able to manage your time more effectively?
  • Have you checked your employment contract to see if there are any restrictions as to where you can work?
  • Have you updated your social profiles and cv to reflect the choices you want to make next?
  • Do you have a mentor, trusted adviser who can listen to you, help you and guide you to make the right decisions when decisions are needed?
  • Do you have any long term goals (personal or professional) and could the choices you make help you achieve these?

January is a time for many to be brave and make some important life changing decisions. For some of those people this will include changing jobs. But please don’t worry if you decide, after all this, that a new job with a new company isn’t the right choice for you. It’s always useful to regularly review your current situation thinking about how things could improve to make 2019 a fulfilling one.

To get the ball rolling on your new career you can check out some of our currently available jobs or upload your CV and one of our consultants will be in touch.

by on January 6th, 2018
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