The trends in sales recruitment

Sales recruitment is still holding its position as one of the most in demand recruitment sectors as companies fight to remain market leaders or take business from their competitors.

Working in sales can be extremely challenging and dynamic, and whilst many people still associate sales with aggressive tactics, this is not the way many companies are seeking to do business. Successful sales is all about building long term relationships as well as actually closing the deal. If you want to hang around for a while in the sales sector you will need to be able to do both.

We have especially  seen an increase in sales roles for publishing, media, professional services and consultancies.  Candidates who are successful need to be able to demonstrate, on paper and in person, their ability to consult and their  understanding of targets, financial accountability as well as be able to highlight their achievements. Companies want to see success and want cvs to reflect this when considering job seekers, so it is imperative to show numbers quantifying success when submitting a job application. This might be related to revenue, numbers of clients, or particularly activity related to that sector.

We have also noticed that businesses are not always focused on hiring from competitors. Many firms prefer to “mould their own” and don’t like the habits many of their competitors offer. Others worry that their clients might become suspicious and mistrusting if they had been sold the same product by the same sales person from 2 different employers.

by Boyce Recruitment on May 23, 2011

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