The right money will secure the best workers, says business expert

A business expert has claimed that companies who want to bring in the best workers must offer the right pay.

Fiona Roberts, HR director of Volkswagen Group UK, has claimed that a person’s wage and how much they can earn is the main motivator for workers choosing an employer. This suggests that companies who are recruiting for jobs in London and the rest of the UK pay want to make sure they are offering a decent salary to attract the best talent.

Talking to, Roberts said: “If you want to pull in the best talent you have to have the right money on the table. When you’re down the pub with your mates chatting about jobs the first thing people want to know is how much does it pay.”

The director also said that due to the harsh financial times over the last five years, workers are more focused on their pay packet than ever and now find it much more important than other areas of a job role.

However, it was also revealed today (August 4th) that 20 per cent of UK workers are earning less than the so-called ‘living wage’, according to Research from the Resolution Foundation claimed that 4.8 million Brits are being paid less than is deemed necessary for a basic standard of living.

by Samantha Bartlett on September 4, 2013

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