The Mighty Deerstalker

A few brave souls from Boyce, including myself, recently undertook a challenge of a lifetime by undergoing the dreaded Mighty Deerstalker run in the heart of Scotland.

It all started one quiet afternoon in the office when a certain Manuela Vazquez proposed the idea and like the sportsmen and women we are, we gladly agreed to participate and take on the highlands. As the weeks drew closer videos and blogs circled the office telling dreaded stories of previous deerstalkers that had battled the mountains with not as much ease as expected. Despite the rumours everyone remained positive.  

The weekend finally arrived and with our head torches at the ready we got on our planes, trains and automobiles up to Scotland! Upon arrival we re-grouped had a quick stretch, and headed to the start line. Within the first 10 minutes we were greeted by what only can be described as sinking; mud- shoes were lost, ankles sprained but we manage to get through and onto the next obstacle. The race continued providing a refreshing dip in the river and a short jog to the first mountain. The first incline wasn’t actually too bad; it lulled us into a false sense of security, a pleasant uphill walk with friendly chit chat about the beautiful scenery.

However, the same cannot be said for the inhuman decline. It was a game of tree hopping, slipping and sliding at great speed until you finally reached the bottom, bruised and a bit upset by the whole experience. From this point onwards everything just got harder and harder, the rivers got deeper, the mountains got higher and my patience was running a lot thinner. The second mountain forced us to morph into mountain goats, on our hands and knees we started clambering up into the wilderness. The incredible view of the night sky made it almost enjoyable.

Upon reaching the top, whispering started ‘surely we are nearly finished’ ‘it can’t be much longer’ when a marshal cheerfully answered ‘only another 6k to go’. 6K!!!!! The whole race is only meant to be 10K!!!! From that point on everyone hated the marshals.

After taking a few moments at the top of the second mountain to enjoy the scenery and re- group we made our way  to the next check point to find out we would be abseiling down, well not really abseiling more holding onto a piece of rope, tumbling down and hoping for the best.

The end was near, and I was ready for my beer. We tackled a few more rivers, jogged through a pretty little village and finished in style down a wet and wild slide- of course. All in all it was a brilliant experience for everyone who took part at Boyce and best of all we raised over £2,200 for Cancer Research. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us, I’m sure we will be doing something wacky again soon!




by Boyce Recruitment on March 24, 2016

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