The female struggle

I read a very interesting article in Research Magazine(  covering  the widely discussed topic of Women as leaders in business in Market Research . A survey conducted by Women in Research and Lieberman Research Worldwide  discovered  that within the Market Research sector just 29% of women have more than 4 direct reports as opposed to 49% of men.

In addition when describing their job 58% of women listed primary job function as quantitative or qualitative research and analysis, project or client management, as opposed to 30% of men. More men than women defined themselves as Senior Management or executive and more men than women were confident in asking for a pay rise.

Whether these variances are a result of company culture created in companies   or whether this has something more to do with a general lack of confidence in women’s in defining their ability makes for interesting debate.  


by Boyce Recruitment on November 5, 2012

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