The challenges offered by Gen Y

A recent report by internet consultant group Incite  ( confirmed that that there are 15 million Gen yers in the Uk and 1.4 billion globally.

“Gen y” can be defined as  under 30 year old tech savvy individuals, who have been brought up on technology and who can’t live without social media and ecommerce, using it, not just to engage with friends and family, but for all sorts of things, in particular for advice when  making important purchasing decisions.

Gen Yers  are the new consumer powerhouse. They will decide who wins or loses in the battle of brands and they are the key to future success.

The report also says that half of Facebook users and 43 per cent of Twitter users are from Gen Y. According to their research, social media is a powerful tool for the age group when making purchasing decisions. Gen Yers were found to be three times more likely to follow a brand on Twitter (18 per cent) compared to Generation X at just six per cent. 56 per cent reported that they “can’t live without Facebook” and 43 per cent said that social media is “critical” in brand selection..

In response, businesses are spending more than ever before, on digital transformation;  increasing their presence and the way that they communicate and engage internally and externally using social media tools, e commerce, m commerce and cloud hosting.

The behaviour of Gen Y highlights how critical digital strategy is for a business to succeed in the future. They need to make sure they employ the right people, which involves identifying the digital skills they need and, wherever necessary, ensuring they have a robust recruitment strategy to attract the right talent in the market.  Their plans should cover all areas of their business including e-commerce, digital marketing, CMS, mobile, social media, cloud and big data.

A big stumbling block for many firms is how to invite exceptional talent to a company relatively naïve to the digital world. Use a specialist recruitment consultant to help with this and make sure you explain to them clearly the future growth potential in the business and for the individual as this is going to be a major factor for a talented digital savvy job seeker when deciding which company to join.

We’ve seen an unprecedented growth in demand for digital talent over the past 18 months, and there are no signs suggesting that this has slowed down. It’s been interesting and great to meet some brilliant candidates and watch them develop their digital expertise within tv, broadcast , publishing, media, marketing and market research sectors.

by Boyce Recruitment on July 19, 2013

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