In a growing temporary worker UK market, we ask our candidates do temps really have the best deal?

I interviewed 2 people to see what they felt were the pros and cons of permanent and temporary work. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Do you have a good work/life balance?

Temporary worker- (TW) Yes, it is not expected that I stay late, and because you have a lack of ownership of projects, evenings are not spent worrying about work.

Permanent worker (PW)  Yes although find it hard to switch off outside of work which impacts on life outside of work, there is also lots of admin that I don’t have time for in the day which means I usually work late

2. Do you have much contact with clients or control on projects?

TW: No, none. I am given tasks to complete.

PW: Yes, I work autonomously on all my own projects with very little guidance from my line manager. I am also liaising with different teams within the company and assisting on different projects for clients outside my remit.

3. Do you prefer getting paid weekly or monthly and why?

TW: Monthly, because I have a Ltd company so I can’t really be paid every week. Regardless, I wouldn’t want the hassle of billing every week and getting Directors to sign them off.

PW: I have been paid both and definitely prefer monthly, makes it easier for bills coming out and being able to budget for the month

4. Do you get involved with company activities?

TW: Not typically, but other freelancers here do. In other companies I have been invited out for drinks, leavings dos etc.

PW: Yes always, I think it’s very important to enjoy the social aspect of your job and to build personal relationships with the people you spend most of your week with

5. Do you feel involved by your team?

TW: At times, no, but this is to be expected as they don’t know me very well. They are very appreciated and friendly though, and chat to me.

PW: Yes, it’s important to know what is going on with both your team and the company so I make sure I’m involved and understand the reasons behind decisions

6. Would you ever change to a perm role?

TW: Not unless I cannot find any freelance work at all.

PW: Not in the foreseeable future, I like the stability of permanent work although I can see this changing later down the line when I require more flexibility

7. Do you feel secure in your job?

TW: Yes, the company needs freelancers, and even if my current client didn’t extend my contract, I am frequently contacted by recruiters (at least every 2 weeks) asking whether I am immediately available for roles


8. Do your feel your opinion or ideas are valued?

TW: Yes, if I point spot an error in the data or method then I am listened to

PW: Occasionally, we have a structured hierarchy which means it take a long time for ideas to be implemented but senior members of the team understand the importance of involvement.

9. Do you enjoy going to work?

TW: Yes, the flexibility of the job and variety of work suits my personality

PW: Yes absolutely, there’s anyways a new project going on and something different to learn which keeps it interesting. My work is very reactive and as I work across a broad range of sectors there is always something new to get my teeth in to

10. How flexible is your employer regarding taking time off and flexible working?

TW: Extremely, in fact, the consensus is that I can choose whether I work here every day, and that they really need me regardless, so are happy to accommodate. I am able to simply tell them if I can’t come in because of the doctor’s/time off etc., even if it’s at late notice.

PW: Taking time off is fine as long as there is enough notice and no cross over with other team members, we don’t allow for flexible working




Profiles :

Career  Temporary Worker (TW)   30 year old, Sector: Market Reseach

Permanent employee (PW) worker- 27 year old, Sector: PR Executive

by Boyce Recruitment on February 11, 2017

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