Temp of the Month – July 2008

We are very grateful to those clients who have taken the time in electing the temp of the month. Often people don’t consider this a priority in their very busy schedules, forget to give good feedback and focus on what hasn’t happened rather than a job well done. We think it is always important to recognize good work and this month we are delighted to be able to show appreciation from yet another temp, this time within our broadcast services team.

Congratulations to Cathy Naryan! All her work to date within the presentation scheduling department of a leading broadcast channel has been appreciated and we hope that these comments go a long way to outline the personal qualities that people value in a good temp.

Feedback for her work was outstanding and comments included:

“Cathy has been with our department for more than one eleven month stint and we can’t wait to have her back every time. She works above and beyond her ‘temp’ status and is a real asset to our department. We’d have her full time if we could but Cathy likes her current arrangement with Boyce. We will miss her when she leaves but she knows there is a position waiting for her when she’d like to come back!

Cathy is a pleasure to work with. She has formed great relationships with her contacts in the regions as well as other departments. Her work with the Benelux office has seen her feed find its most impressive rating to date. Cathy is a team player and is always happy to pick up extra work when colleagues are absent or need help. She is a great friend and work mate to those around her and is someone we all look up to.

Team member’s comments: Cathy is just one of the most approachable people I have worked with. She is kind and thoughtful; often offering to help out with the workload. She also has often bought in ‘treats’ for the team. She is a very generous person in her attitude and genuinely cares about the people she works with on a personal level aswell as a professional one.

Line manager comments: Cathy is a pleasure to be around. She is pro-active and regularly goes above and beyond her CW role particularly with the way she has moved the channel forward and built good and solid relationships with senior regional managers. She has a clear vision and strategy.


by manuela on July 25, 2008

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