Survey offers improvement ideas for employers

A survey undertaken by ETS, a development and research company, has revealed some of the improvements employers could make in terms of employee engagement.

According to the results, some 33 per cent of employees are concerned about the security of their role; something which employers could tackle by pro-active reassuring their staff.

What’s more, stated that companies could consider being prompt with their feedback for employees from internal surveys, as well as providing feedback overall on their performance. Some 37 per cent of those surveyed said they didn’t feel feedback after performance reviews was as strong as it could be.

Whether companies offer market research jobs or roles in finance, it’s important they take on board these findings, according to Hannah Stratford – ETS’ head of business psychology. She argued: “Companies must act swiftly in order to reassure workers, increase engagement and retain talent.

“A number of the key HR issues highlighted by employees in our research are not directly related to finances and will cost companies very little to action on – such as improving communication with employees, offering opportunities for development, acting on engagement survey results and encouraging greater work-life balance.”

If employers don’t take measures such as these, they could risk losing their workforce. If they do, they may well under up with happy employees that are fully engaged, Stratford concluded.

What’s more, HR director Tanith Dodge told that a satisfied workforce is a “more productive workforce”; providing more impetus to take the survey’s findings on board.

by Deborah Bates on November 23, 2011

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