Survey finds that half the UK’s employees work away from the office every week

A new study has revealed that half of all employees work remotely at least once a week, reports. 

Research conducted by business software provider, Sage, has discovered that the vast majority of organisations now allow their staff to work out of the office on a regular basis. Almost a third work remotely every day.

The study examined the impact that mobile technology has had on working practices, finding that one in 20 people now consider ‘the great outdoors’ as their office.

Respondents said they had worked from mountain tops, on beaches and even from the golf course – a stark contrast to London. Jobs have become more flexible due to the faster broadband and improved technology, making it possible to work virtually anywhere. That said, 15 per cent admitted to working while commuting to the office.

The study concluded that working remotely had positive effects on productivity levels; half of those polled said that they were equally or more productive when working away from the office. 

Speaking to, Sage’s Steve Atwell said: “Mobile working has broken down barriers to business and the traditional confines of an office are a thing of the past.

“Thanks to [the] proliferation of mobile devices and sophisticated software solutions accessible on any device, people have the freedom to choose where they run their business – be it the boardroom, bedroom or a hilltop.” 

by Elizabeth Smythe on July 8, 2013

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