Study indicates importance of degree results

Employees who gain a 2.1 result or higher for their degree are likely to earn more than £200,000 more than other graduates over their lifetime.

According to research by a graduate recruitment website, those with at least a 2.1 degree will gain an average salary of around £38,000; compared to an annual pay packet of just over £30,000 for those who gained a 2.2.

Those who gained a third managed to secure an average salary of around £26,000.

Analysing the results, HR Magazine journalist David Woods claimed that many companies offering jobs in London or other major cities will not even look at CVs without a 2.1 degree on them.

He said: “Whilst a few markers here or there on final exam may be the only difference, employers use degree results to screen CVs, meaning a lifetime of earning implications.”

The research also showed the wide range of average salaries gained depending on the type of degree earned.

Those graduating with a degree in civil engineering can reportedly expect an average salary of almost £47,000, which is more than double the average of £19,000 a year that hospitality and tourism graduates are earning. report that the best paying roles that don’t require a degree include offshore oil or nuclear energy specialists, police sergeants and military security jobs.

by Joe Elvin on September 27, 2011

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