There is a school of thought that, in life, we should look to reduce and minimise stress in our lives.

In theory this is a good idea but in actuality we have lost the meaning of this word. Thanks to a quick google search this is what stress is –

Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental and emotional responses. Stress is a normal part of life.

Now to me when looking for a new job, a major life changing decision, the above is not such a bad thing.

Maybe it’s Panic?

If I was to ever get a tattoo (Another one – sorry Mum!) it would be ‘Don’t Panic’ in friendly letters somewhere visible. I have been known to write this phrase across my do lists when they are looking particularly intimidating (Thank you Douglas Adams!)

Back to Google again.

Panic is a sudden sensation of fear, which is so strong as to dominate or prevent reason and logical thinking, replacing it with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and frantic agitation consistent with an animalistic fight-or-flight reaction.

This sounds much more familiar.

Speaking from personal experience, around 6 months ago, I made the decision to leave my nice comfortable job after 6.5 years and find something new (which, “spoiler alert”, has worked out well!) but during that time of interviews, making decisions and constant calls I had around 2 weeks of pure unbridled panic!

This was not in any way helpful!

Panic makes you lose sight of things and potently make bad decisions. I knew I wanted out of the place I was in, but where to go next? I had no idea.

I started my job search with a recruitment agency who were doing their best to help me- but it was just not working.

After 3 months of basically feeling like I had no control and not really getting anywhere I received an InMail from another recruiter! I was 99% going to click delete, I had completely had enough of job hunting and had resigned myself to spending another 6 years in a job which was completely by my own doing, a nightmare (once you decide to leave somewhere it’s hard to stay engaged!)

Fortunately I replied and this recruiter just got me! She was great, and with the help of her, friends and family, my useless panic went back to constructive stress and I made the right call.

This is just what happened to me.  Everyone is different, but for me a recruiter who understood me and my search was vital to help me make the right move and that is what we at boycerecruitment try to be.

We cannot take the stress out of your job search and you probably don’t want us to, but we can help you reduce the panic so that the next move is the best one for you. And if all else fails write the words ‘Don’t Panic’ in big friendly letters across your nearest to do list; you may not be hitching around the galaxy but when  you are working your way around the job market it’s definitely great advice to live by.

For more information on the job search and interview technique, have a look at our candidates section or check out our current vacancies.

by on January 25th, 2018
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