Strategy shift needed to boost job creation

The government must re-visit its growth strategy soon in order to boost the UK’s job creation, according to a report from the Big Innovation Centre.

The centre, managed by a joint venture between the Work Foundation and Lancaster University, is an initiative that launched on Thursday, revealed.

After its launch, chair Will Hutton published the centre’s initial report. In it, he declared: “Britain is in an economic corner and we must now innovate our way out of stagnation.

“This requires a wholesale shift in the way we think about growth. We need an enterprising state co-creating with business and finance – in short, an innovation ‘ecosystem’,” warned Hutton, whose comments may well interest those seeking jobs in London or another part of the nation.

He went on to praise the government for recognising the importance of growth and job creation, but stated that now action must be taken to “make it happen.”

Hutton’s report, entitled ‘Making the UK a Global Innovation Hub: How business, finance and an enterprising state can transform the UK’, also suggested a network of “innovation centres” should be created in Great Britain to support the government with its aims.

Cited by HR Magazine, the chairman concluded: “We aim to change Britain – to deliver a step change in its capacity to innovate and generate wealth.”

by Deborah Bates on September 9, 2011

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