Staff using social media to ‘flirt’ with other firms

Those looking for jobs in London may want to get on the social media bandwagon after a new survey suggests that nearly three-quarters of workers in the UK are using the platform to “flirt” with other firms, reports HR Magazine.

A massive 70 per cent of those surveyed in Taleo Corporation’s new study are using Facebook and Twitter to look for outside opportunities, with 66 per cent of respondents deemed to be “flirting” to enhance their career prospects outside their current position.

Furthermore, social networking is seen as a quick, easy way to find out about other job opportunities, according to the survey. As a result, 39 per cent plan to use the medium to find new jobs; 40 per cent to research prospective employees and 32 per cent to actually apply for available positions.

With the startling figure that 72 per cent of those surveyed use social media at least once a month, it appears that heading onto the platform to look for vacancies could be the way UK workers job-seek in the future.

Dave Wilkins, VP of Taleo Research, commented on the figures: “Social networking is here to stay, so to retain top talent in the current environment, employers should leverage internal social talent practices to better engages employees and identify top performers.

“Businesses who can successfully use social talent practices to harness the collective wisdom and expertise of their teams while also connecting with a broader pool of external talent will be poised for success,” he added.

by Ashley Curtis on April 13, 2012

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