Why Speed Matters in Recruitment

This isn’t going to be a lecture on recruitment practices, nor is it going to be a dig at companies’ hiring processes or a recruiter simply saying ‘Please make my life easier’!

This is just an opportunity to explain why exceptionally convoluted processes can, in the long run, cost you your dream candidate.

So you have a job to fill and, even better, you’ve found a candidate who you know could be the one! A perfect match!

And then nothing happens…

Well, truth be told, something is probably happening. Lots goes on in the background; approvals, sign offs and business planning; all the things that need to be completed to to get an offer confirmed to the candidate, get them off the market and behind that empty desk.

All that work you put into the recruitment process,  interviewing, making sure the team will love them, arranging for sign off’s and the promise to your CFO that they are 100% worth the salary, fee and paper work involved , as well as the promise to the team that the much needed help they need is on route! You’re a super hirer – cape and all!

But to the candidate nothing has happened. Silence…

And then after all that work, you come back to them and make this wonderful offer and find out that the candidate has taken a job somewhere else, to work with someone else who has moved faster.

This is a depressingly common story. Not only does it add up to a waste of your time, it can also damage that reputation of your brand.

So what can you do? How can you make this work for your business? Well, as if by magic, here is my handy guide for you!

  • If you know you will need to get “sign off” get it done as early as possible- the “sign off” to hire someone should really be done before you even receive CVs.
  • Even if you have to go through several more layers before you can offer the job officially, let your recruiter know there is an intent to offer at least so they can help you manage expectations…
  • If the process to get that offer confirmed, is dragging out, then get your team to take the candidate out for a drink – keep them engaged…
  • If the offer is going to be different to your applicants expectations, then let us know so we can help manage those candidate expectations.
  • COMMUNICATION! If you let us know what’s happening we can do what we can to help you. In these circumstances silence is rude and unsettling.

99% of companies have some sort of sign off, but if its transparent and timely you will have a much better chance of securing that dream candidate!

If you would like any advice on how to improve your recruitment processes,  please contact us or have a look at some of the sectors we help with their recruitment processes.




by Boyce Recruitment on June 22, 2018

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