Social media may advertise to the wrong candidates

Businesses could soon turn their back on social media recruitment, London-based researchers PPA suggest.

Despite recent claims that social media may be the best way to attract new job candidates, experts have now suggested that it could lead to lesser quality applications.

Research by the PPA Recruitment Advertising Survey showed that 60 per cent of applicants who went through business media were rated as “good” or “excellent” in comparison to only 44 per cent for social media.

The study questioned 375 direct advertising clients that use a variety of portals for recruitment. Of the group, 63 per cent described the business media applicants as “targeted” whereas the figure for social media was a lowly 30 per cent.

Director of the PPA’s Business Media Group Jerry Gosney told The Drum, “It’s good to hear straight from recruiters how highly they value brands for efficiently and cost-effectively delivering quality candidates both in print and online.”

In speaking of the most irritating aspect of the recruitment process, the respondents cited “a lack of quality candidates” (29 per cent) and “attracting the right candidates” (19 per cent).

Some advocates of social media, however, are still not convinced. CEO of Techlightenment Ankur Shah told Personnel Today, “Social networks and search complement each other. To reach new and existing customers, transactional websites need to use both channels effectively.”

“Social networks, however, allow brands to tailor communication, reaching exactly the right audience at the right time.”

by David Howells on March 30, 2011

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