Social media key to online visibility

More jobseekers are taking to social networking sites to find their next role, experts have suggested.

Online recruitment agencies have been advised to seriously consider the use of social media after research found that it could not only be cheaper but also more effective, especially for those advertising jobs in London.

Recent independent reports have claimed that of the 36.9 million internet users in the UK, 29.4 million use at least one social networking site. Of those looking for employment, more than half have turned to social media to help them with their search.

The news looks set to see recruiters adopt different channels to make their job postings much more visible online.

John Hull, head of resourcing at electronic components company RS Components, told HR Magazine of his experience with recruiting through social media. “Although the initial catalyst for us dipping our toe into the social media pool was about saving money, the benefits are much more widespread,” he said.

“Adopting social media has not only allowed us to shape an entirely new recruitment strategy but the groups, forums and profiles has helped move our communications, marketing and organisation forward in more positive ways than we could ever have thought.”

JJ Van Oosten, former board member at echoed Hull’s comments, telling, “The best talent is global, mobile and well connected.”

He added that social media, “should play an essential part of building a good brand as an employer.”

by David Howells on April 27, 2011

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