Social media jobs in demand

Graduates are moving away from IT jobs and opting instead for social media and marketing work, the UK Graduate Careers Survey suggests.

In recent years, the IT sector had seen a higher proportion of graduate applications than most others, but recent studies have shown that graduates are increasingly shunning the IT industry in favour of jobs in marketing, gaming and social media. The figures for IT have dropped in recent years from 10 per cent to just 3.9 per cent, whilst the figures for social and new media has risen.

For those seeking such media jobs, London has always been seen as the ideal location, so the publication of the report could see an influx of graduates moving to the capital in order to find their dream role.

The report also suggested that demand for graduate jobs has reached an all-time high, with 40 per cent of graduates aiming for a graduate job immediately after finishing university compared to 36 per cent in 2010.

The change has been put down to IT not appearing as dynamic as it was just a few years ago, with the other sectors now taking that mantle.

IT recruiter James Toovey told of the changes the industry has seen. He claimed, “I feel lots of graduates that would have been getting into IT ten years ago are looking at getting into gaming or marketing, particularly social networking.”

Lead author of the study Martin Birchall told that the findings were positive for the jobs market, explaining, “It’s particularly encouraging to see that a record number of students have made job hunting a key priority during their studies and started researching their career options in the first or second year of their degree.”

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by David Howells on May 25, 2011

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