Social media is taking over
Social media is taking over our lives . This was the heading in a recent article in New Media Age magazine.

This is certainly true when we look at the change of multilingual jobs in the marketing arena. Language jobs in marketing, especially in London, have been transformed and now over 90% of the positions we work on require an element of digital understanding and exposure to various social media elements.

During the recession many businesses cut costs and streamlined their business units. The areas where there has been growth in spend, however, has been predominantly within the online marketing and web presence. As a result of this we have seen an increase in multilingual online marketing jobs , especially as the online world enables businesses to work across a much wider geographical territory.

As the number of multilingual applicants for each bilingual job increases, many candidates have offered their services for free to get some good work experience within the online arena. This means that when they are applying for more junior roles they are able to give specific examples of work they have undertaken. It also beats sitting at home waiting for work to come in.


by manuela on December 1, 2009

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