What does a Presentation Scheduler do?  

We have always been inundated with enquiries about what a Presentation Scheduler actually does in the TV industry. In fact even today we are still being asked by prospective TV industry job seekers about what is involved when you work as a Presentation Scheduler.

A Presentation Scheduler or On-Air Planner, as they are sometimes known, is a key and important role in any Television Broadcaster.  The role sits within the Operational department within a TV Channel and therefore is not a career path if you are looking to work more into the production side of TV.

A Presentation Scheduler creates the final transmission schedule that goes out to the viewers at home.

Working with a Scheduling Software the most common are Vision, IBMS, Perspective  and BSS, although many broadcasters will adapt and have their own in-house systems, the Scheduler uses this to enter all the On-air elements that create the final playlist to strict deadlines.

This can mean the insertion of Programmes, Commercials, Promo’s, Idents, Fillers and any other on-air interstitial materials that complete the final schedule.  This is how the Channels navigate the viewers at home to show them what’s coming up now, next, next month, and the promotional placement around the actual show is very important to ensure they are hitting the right target audience.

These elements must be placed in the correct timeslots taking into account OFCOM regulations and must be entered accurately and precisely to very strict deadlines.

Scheduling requires a huge passion for TV and the ideal candidate will be someone that really thinks about why we watch certain channels/shows and when we watch them.  Scheduling is a creative way of marketing and promoting the channels, Brand and content to its specific audience targets to increase ratings, keep ahead of market trends and get the brand message out there!

Strong Administration, Data Entry and Meticulous attention to detail are key strengths to any scheduler.  You must also be a good team player and be able to communicate well with other departments such as Commercial Operations, Marketing, Programming, TX/Ops and On-air Creative.

This is a fantastic role for TV enthusiasts that are keen to learn about all the different aspects of how TV gets to air!!

by on April 18th, 2018
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