Skills needed

I was fascinated, but not surprised, to discover that the biggest issue that private businesses have faced this year, has been the skills shortage amongst staff and prospective employees.

Many companies we have worked with have struggled to fill jobs as a result of a lack of qualified applicants and despite their efforts to source candidiates via  a variety of methods. Indeed we have noticed that may firms who chose to cut costs and employ their own internal recruiting teams, have also had to go externally and use recruitment companies to help them source people.

I think next year we will see an increase in  junior or less experienced people  being empoyed  and trained as the  lack of skills shortage starts to unravel. Despite this there has also been a dramatic increase in business that many of our clients  have also seen,  with some witnessing a 30-50% growth in 2010 alone.

It is good to see that companies are being optimistic about the future despite the furore that the public sector cuts have created, the hike in  VAT in January 2011 and the employment legislative burden that comes with the legal changes throughout 2011.

by Boyce Recruitment on December 14, 2010

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