Seventy-five per cent of workers suffer emotional problems

New research has claimed that 75 per cent of workers suffer from emotional problems in the workplace, according to

The data was taken from a landmark survey from global headphone and speaker producer Jabra UK, which questioned 1,000 office-based workers. It found that a surprising amount of people are suffering with stress, relationship problems and isolation issues in the workplace.

According to the survey, the most prevalent  problem for workers is feeling undervalued (33 per cent). This is followed by having poor interpersonal relationships (32 per cent), stress and anxiety (29 per cent), exhaustion (24 per cent) and isolation (20 per cent).

The results could encourage those searching for jobs in London as well as the rest of the UK to look for firms that have solid well-being measures in place, to avoid falling victim to any of these stressful feelings. 

Talking about the data, Andrew Doyle, managing director for the UK & Ireland of Jabra Business Solutions, said that businesses need to adapt to the modern office. He told “Transformation in the workplace is creating entirely new challenges that need to be addressed. Employers are perhaps focusing too exclusively on the ‘technology’. Good communications tools do not necessarily make good communications.”

Mr Doyle also claimed that more businesses should be introducing flexible measures in order to retain top performers. 

by Samantha Bartlett on July 5, 2013

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