Sector News: Broadcast & Media Recruitment

2017 hiring started well on the temporary/contract side across the broadcast and media recruitment industry for Content Operations, Scheduling and On-Air.  There has been lots of restructuring within the industry which has seen a higher demand in temps within these areas.

There has been a slight increase in permanent recruitment since March which has been across multiple areas including Business Affairs, Project Managers, Channel Management but foresee the temporary market will continue to rise.

In the Post Production & Creative Services division, we have seen a continual demand for TV Commercial Reversioning Producers, Post Producers and Edit Assists within our Ad Agencies and Post Houses.

Freelance hire has increased to cope with the additional workloads and to help manage growth within the teams, along with permanent hire for replacement roles and new business generation within the agencies.


Skills in Demand

File Based Delivery/Content Operations, TV Commercials Reversioning Producers and Post Producers, Edit Assists, On-Air Production, Presentation Scheduling and Planning, Brand Management/Marketing, Legal/Business Affairs, TV Administrators.


Predictions for the coming Quarter

We expect the demand for temps/freelancers will continue to rise, within our core areas of broadcast channel management and post production roles. However, we have also seen a rise in the variety of roles in which are coming out from our media clients, which include Branding/Marketing/Digital/TV Business Affairs and Production Management.

by Boyce Recruitment and Tracey Newton on May 14, 2017

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