Second degree favours job seekers

Graduates with a second degree are more likely to be recognised by potential employers and get paid more, research has found.

According to the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics, a growing number of students are staying on at university for postgraduate, masters and doctorate courses in order to boost their employment potential.

Those who gain a second qualification earn 13 per cent extra on the average starting salary, compared with those who didn’t, the study found. This figure could rise even more in the city, which might interest those looking for jobs in London.

Furthermore, taking a second degree made graduates better able to carry out complex tasks than those with just one, reports

“In key skills areas, the levels are significantly higher for postgraduates,” read the report. “For example, postgraduates have higher numeracy levels (especially advanced numeracy), higher levels of analysing complex problems and more specialist knowledge or understanding.”

Computing skills in particular were cited as being stronger than average amongst second-degree, postgraduate candidates, adds

“Postgraduate and college-only [first degree] workers both report high levels of computer usage, but using computers to perform complex tasks is markedly higher among the postgraduate group,” the study said.

by Chris Taylor on October 26, 2011

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