Searching for employment is “full-time position”

Searching for new employment should be a “full-time position” for jobseekers, one expert has said.

Writing for the Yorkshire Post, Louise Lapish made the comment; divulging some advice for those seeking jobs in London or other areas throughout the nation.

She said that instead of spending all day trawling job websites, jobseekers should consider “who is likely to be interested in a candidate” of their calibre – preparing a “target list” of potential employers.

Lapish confirmed that the most successful candidates were ones who created “targets” and maintained them “throughout the job search.”

She also advised candidates scheduled their job-hunting activities on a calender, to avoid “search fatigue” taking over. Lapish argued: “Knowing you have done everything you needed to do will enable you to free…days up and not have the nagging feeling of, I should be job searching.”

The expert concluded by claiming that: “The simple message has to be to keeping thinking about what you want to achieve,” and that by doing this, jobseekers could help themselves stay on the right track and ultimately, find the right role for them.

Prospects echoed Lapish’s opinion, stating that jobseekers should first of all understand what their key talents are and then match them with prospective industries and employers. It commented: “You can never do too much research.”

by Deborah Bates on May 6, 2011

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