Scottish and South East accents favoured by employers

A study by communications specialist The Aziz Corporation has found that having a “neutral” accent could be the key to getting ahead in the business world.

In fact the study found that 70 per cent of employers who responded would have “doubts” about employing someone with an Essex accent – the accent found to have least chance at success in business.

They may be more inclined to hire someone with a South-Eastern accent, as this came out on joint-top for success with American accents. Scottish accents came third, with 48.6 per cent of respondents favouring them; however those who live a few hundred miles south, in Liverpool, didn’t fare as well.

40 per cent of employers associate Liverpudlian accents with “a lack of success”, as did 33 per cent with Birmingham accents and 32 per cent with cockney voices.

This might mean those going for more senior roles might want to consider toning down their accent when heading to their interview – or, if lucky enough to have one of the more popular accents, ham it up.

A spokesperson for The Aziz Corporation, Professor Khalid Aziz, gave his thoughts on the findings. He revealed: “This survey shows yet again that many potential business leaders may be condemned by their accent.

“The Scottish accent is well liked, with many positive associations. This is consistent with a similar survey we carried out six years ago,” he added, cited by Press Association.

by Deborah Bates on February 1, 2012

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