Salaries will continue to rise in 2011

For many searching for sales jobs, London is the first place they look – sometimes for the higher salaries and broader opportunity.

However as salaries look to increase for this sector across the whole of the UK, nationwide sales professionals should feel positive about the coming months.

That’s according to a sales director, Dave Fleming, who told Thomsons Online Benefits that wages would climb in correspondence with companies’ having to compete for the top talent the UK has to offer. This trend will carry across many sectors, as more and more high quality candidates come onto the market.

“Many employers are searching harder than ever before for talent,” Fleming said. “As competition for talent increases, demand is likely to rise accordingly.”

“This can only be a good thing for candidates looking to move in the first half of the year.”

However candidates shouldn’t rest on their laurels, thinking they can walk into a job, as Fleming also told the Chartered Management Institute that companies’ recruitment processes were becoming more rigorous.

In a bid to spend their budgets wisely, and maximise the output, quality and success of their business and its services, many companies have revisited their old recruitment process and revamped them for 2011.

This means that candidates hoping to score their dream job should do all they can to prepare for the interview and overall recruitment process; such as obtaining work experience, strong references and building a comprehensive, robust CV.


by Deborah Bates on February 16, 2011

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