Rise in City job applications

The amount of applications for City jobs in the UK has risen by 47 per cent over the last year – according to The Recruiter.

The statistics were announced by a leading recruitment agency, who received more than 7,400 applications from City staff looking to switch employers last month.

This was a massive improvement compared to the 5,020 applications they received during February of last year.

The news will be particularly pleasing for those looking for banking, accounting or admin jobs in London – where most of the top City jobs are often located.

Mark Cameron, a spokesman from the recruiter behind the research, pointed that a huge flurry of City jobs are often vacated at this time of year.

He said: “With the vast majority of banking staff now aware of their bonus payment, this typically kicks off the annual City hiring season as investment bankers consider their salary expectations and career opportunities.

“While some City workers, many of whom will be the rainmakers and star traders, will be enjoying very lucrative bonuses this year, the mood regarding bonuses for most City staff is far from content.”

The Independent report that nearly 6,000 jobs in the City were created last month alone. The figure equates to 6 per cent more jobs than in January and 30 per cent more than this time last year.

by Joe Elvin on March 16, 2011

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