Research reveals increase in CV-bolstering voluntary work

A new survey has discovered that growing numbers of students and young people are undertaking voluntary work in order to improve their job prospects, reports.

Research conducted by Enterprise-Rent-A-Car found that almost half (46 per cent) of the students polled were participating in altruistic activities, which matches the proportion (47 per cent) who take internships or paid work experience during the holidays. 

Admittedly, the intention isn’t wholly selfless; most said they did so in order to provide themselves with a competitive edge over their job-seeking rivals.

They’ll be pleased to hear that it could just do the trick. According to, unpaid extra-curricular activities could lead to a first job, due to the skills and experience they pick up. The paper highlights the effectiveness of being a student campaigner, a role that offers the opportunity to network and develop skills that could be transferable across any industries. 

What Enterprise noticed was the fact that so many students were aware of the fact that a standard CV will not longer suffice in a challenging jobs market and that doing voluntary or other work had become necessary.  

Commenting on the findings, Enterprise talent acquisition manager Ashley Hever said: “What’s so impressive from our perspective is a clear interest and commitment to volunteering, with students realising the value that ‘personal social responsibility’ can bring to employers.

“It’s fantastic to see young people making a difference to society and making themselves stand out in terms of employability.”

by Elizabeth Smythe on November 5, 2013

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